Inside The Party That Started Pippa Middleton's Trouble

INSIDE EDITION has learned more about the wild night Pippa Middleton had in Paris before that now infamous picture of her friend pointing a fake gun at a photographer surfaced.

Pippa Middleton sure knows how to party.

Middleton was caught dancing and laughing at a costume ball, the night before that now infamous photo of her companion aiming a fake gun was taken.

She was on her way home from a raucous weekend in Paris, a birthday party for her millionaire pal, fashion designer Arthur de Soultrait. He's the founder of French fashion label, Vicomte. He is an aristocrat with a chateau on the outskirts of Paris. He was also in the back seat of the convertible when that fateful photo was taken.

Now his company has just released pictures from his party on Facebook and it was one wild night in Paris.

The theme of the party was Louis XVI, the King who lost his head in the French Revolution, the female guests came dressed as Marie Antoinette look-a-likes. The birthday boy wore a dog collar, while a party guest yanked his chain.

Pippa's frilly costume looked tame compared to the other ladies, most of whom wore sexy low cut gowns and elaborate wigs. Some were dressed as serving wenches.

The guests were entertained by dwarves and strippers. The climax of the party came when one of the strippers jumped out of the birthday cake to the tune of "God Save The Queen."

Pippa clearly had a good time, chatting and smiling with party guests as loud music boomed in the background.

But the morning after brought a hangover-sized headache for Pippa and the Royal family.

Good Morning America reported, "Her companion's antics with a toy gun have landed her on front pages all over the world."

The photographer who took the picture said he knew the gun was fake and he was in on the joke.

French police say they are not investigating the incident because no-one has filed a complaint, but Royal watchers said Pippa's wild weekend will land her in hot water with her sister's in-laws, the Royal family.

MSNBC's Martin Bashir said it'll be up to Pippa's sister Kate, to reprimand Pippa for those embarrassing pictures.

"It was a completely stupid stunt," said Bashir. 

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Bashir, "What might Kate, the future Queen of England, say to Pippa behind the scenes?"

Bashir said, "I think we can be absolutely confident that the Palace will not say anything, but Kate will take her sister aside and give her the mother of all tongue lashings."