INSIDE EDITION Speaks With The Cast Of Duck Dynasty

INSIDE EDITION met up with the cast of the new A&E reality series, Duck Dynasty to find out how they turned something so simple like duck calls into million's of dollars.

The Robertsons are the most unlikely family of millionaires you'll ever see. They have fancy homes and beautiful wives.

So how did they make their millions?

They made it in duck calls. The Robertsons are the stars of A&E's latest reality series, Duck Dynasty.
INSIDE EDITION went behind the scenes with the clan at Duck Commander, the company that made them fabulously rich in the swamplands of Monroe, Louisiana.  

Phil Robertson told INSIDE EDITION, "Never thought I'd be a millionaire selling duck calls."

Phil is the family patriarch. 40 years ago he was a clean cut star college quarterback. He married his sweetheart, Kay and started making duck calls out of his small backwoods shed.

Kay said, "We raised four boys in a 1,400 square foot house with one bathroom and no dishwasher."

Phil's duck calls were hand made and produced an uncannily realistic call. But Phil barely made a living selling about 8,000 a year, and then he turned the company over to his eldest son Willie, who studied business in college.

Willie said, "I dream big."

Willie added sponsors and expanded the brand name to apparel, turning duck calls into a multi-million dollar empire. He's now the CEO.

At some point, father and all his sons grew their beards long.

Willie's wife Kori said, "Under all that hair, he is an actually an intelligent guy. I don't mind the whiskers at all, I've grown to love them."

But Willie's brother Jase used to look very clean cut and his wife Missy yearns for her clean-cut man.

Missy said, "I don't care for the whiskers."

But the wives agree, fame and fortune hasn't changed them.

Kori said, "If all the money went away, [and] we lived in a trailer down by the river, we would be just as happy."

Meanwhile the wives have good reason to be thankful, living in the lap of luxury, all because of duck calls.