EXCLUSIVE: Jaleel White's Ex-Girlfriend Says He Was Once Violent

Jaleel White's ex-girlfriend spoke exclusively to INSIDE EDITION, saying he has anger issues.

Jaleel White's squeaky clean image is coming under fire.

He's making women swoon on Dancing with the Stars but now his ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter is making a startling claim, saying White has anger issues.

Bridget Hardy is breaking her silence to INSIDE EDITION about the fight that she said ended their five-year relationship.

Hardy said, "I think he has some anger issues."

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked Hardy, "Did Jaleel White ever hit you?"

Hardy said, "He hit me across the chest, as hard as he could, and threw me into a toilet."

Hardy claimed she and White got into a heated fight and says he knocked her into a toilet so hard it broke. She says she was not injured.
Hardy said the fight broke out after she checked his phone when she suspected he was cheating on her. After she confronted him, she said he threw her out of the house and made a disturbing offer involving their little girl.

"He said, 'This isn't working, you know I'm going to give you $200,000 to leave your daughter and to walk away and start a new family,' " said Hardy.

Hardy went to court to keep custody of their daughter and she said White admitted under oath that he hit her.
White said Hardy is lying and he says he's had enough of her talking in public about their private issues. So he's taking her to court in Los Angeles to try and get a gag order to prevent her from doing any more interviews.

And what about those reports that White blew up at his dancing partner Kym Johnson and two other dancers had to intervene?

Moret asked, "How did you react when you heard allegations that Jaleel and his dance partner had a huge argument?"

"I thought he was finally showing his true colors. It had nothing to do with me, so now people are finally believing me a little bit," said Hardy.
White's attorney said the custody issues were settled two years ago and the only reason Hardy is going public now is because of White's renewed fame.
Hardy said, "I've been quiet for the last two years and now I feel like I'm able to tell the truth."