More on the Secret Service Prostitute Scandal

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent is in Cartagena, Colombia where he looks at the strip clubs and hotel that the Secret Service used when they solicited prostitutes.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent visited the seedy strip club in Colombia which has become ground zero for the Secret Service scandal.

It's where a party of Secret Service agents, U.S. Special Forces and Marines picked up prostitutes before President Obama's visit.

Trent said, "You don't come upon a place like The Pleyclub by chance. It's in an industrial area, the port on one side, distribution centers on the other. Trucks come and go all day long and kick up clouds of dust all day, but inside at night, that when it really gets dirty."

Trent took a camera to the club and traced the sordid path of the disgraced agents.     

After being frisked for guns and knives at the door INSIDE EDITION entered a sleazy bar, with a dance floor lit by laser lights, Trent found a dozen women hanging out at the bar negotiating prices. It's the very spot where twenty-one prostitutes were recruited by the Secret Service agents for a reported $60 a piece.

Cartagena is a Colombian boomtown where prostitution is legal and street walkers are everywhere.  

Trent found a cab driver who said he drove some of prostitutes involved in the scandal. He claimed the agents boasted to the hookers about protecting the president and warned them not to make trouble.

The Secret Service agents brought the prostitutes to the luxurious Hotel Caribe to spend the night. When one of agents refused to pay a prostitute, a ruckus ensued and the police were called.

It didn't take long for the police to respond to the hotel incident with the Secret Service because the police department is right on the same block as the hotel.

There had been rowdy parties all week, with some agents reportedly throwing each other into the pool.

Federal investigators have been going to clubs and hotels all over Cartagena obtaining surveillance video and they have already identified the prostitutes at the center of the scandal, many of whom have reportedly skipped town.