More Details From Pippa Middleton's Wild Night in Paris

INSIDE EDITION has more details from inside the wild party in Paris that Pippa Middleton attended the night before the photo of her in a car with a gun-wielding man was taken.

New video has surfaced of Pippa Middleton at that decadent costume party in Paris. It's a side of Middleton we rarely see. She even speaks a few words in French.

And now, the French aristocrat who hosted the party is apologizing for getting Middleton into an international scandal with that embarrassing toy gun photo.

"I regret enormously that this incident happened. I have apologized to her," said Vicomte de Soultrait.

Vicomte de Soultrait is the millionaire birthday boy who was photographed wearing a dog collar posing with Middleton at the party. He says even though the pictures show Pippa smirking, "she did not find it funny." And she told her friend aiming the toy gun to "stop immediately."

The gun gaffe has seriously damaged Middleton's squeaky clean reputation and now some British newspapers are suggesting that she was taken advantage of by her rich friends.

The party was a promotional event for a French fashion label. 

In a just-released video from the party, Middleton was clearly reluctant to appear on camera, saying, "I don't mind being in pictures but I'd prefer not to be on camera."

But Vicomte de Soultrait's brother persists, joking that she's his girlfriend.

Now, Middleton and her sister Kate made Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World list, out today.

Time magazine says, "In an age of bleating, tweeting, confessional celebrity, the middle-class Middletons show real class."

Clearly, the selection was made before Middleton's wild weekend in Paris.