Woman Accused of Stalking Alec Baldwin Fears For Her Life

The woman accused of stalking Alec Baldwin says she feels like a hunted animal and fears for her life. So why did she just start a Twitter account? INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

The woman accused of stalking Alec Baldwin is talking. And get this—she says she's the one being hunted, not Baldwin.

In an interview with a Canadian news service, Genevieve Sabourin said she's on the run and afraid for her life.

"I feel like a fugitive. Like a hunted animal," said Sabourin. "I'm scared. Imagine if the press finds me while I'm moving. I don't want to become Lady Diana on the road."

Sabourin faces 5 counts of stalking and harrassing Alec Baldwin—something she says she didn't do. Baldwin says the strugging actress bombarded him with bizarre emails begging him to marry her.

Sabourin clearly still craves attention. She just joined Twitter and posted smiling pictures of herself including one with her dog, saying: "Simply but truly introducing myself: Genevieve Sabourin, actress."