American Bandstand Kids Remain Friends 50 Years Later

INSIDE EDITION caught up with a man and woman who met on Dick Clark's show American Bandstand 50 years ago, and have remained friends ever since.

The whole country watched those lively teens tear up the dance floor on Dick Clark's American Bandstand.

One dancing duo, Kenny and Arlene, became the biggest teen sensations ever to come out of the show. And guess what? They've still got the moves, more than a half century later!

Kenny Rossi and Arlene Sullivan, both from Philadelphia, met on the show and loved their days of Bandstand fame.

"We didn't realize how many kids out there were watching the show until the mail came in," said Sullivan.

But most of all, they loved Dick Clark.

"He was like a father, a brother, a friend," said Rossi.

"He was like one of us! He was so young-looking," said Sullivan.

Maybe it's hard for young people to understand just how popular these Bandstand dancers were. Sullivan puts it in perspective.

"That show was the first reality show that TV ever had. Those kids became famous," said Sullivan.

After Bandstand, Sullivan had a career as a dealer in a casino. Rossi had a brief career as a singer, and these days he runs a construction business—and he's a grandfather!

But when they hear that music, it's time for Sullivan and Rossi to hit the dance floor, just like the old days.