Secret Service Scandal Update

INSIDE EDITION reports on the latest details of the Secret Service scandal, including one agent who was reportedly checking out Sarah Palin when he was assigned to protect her.

A Secret Service agent who was forced to resign in the prostitution scandal was assigned to protect Sarah Palin when she ran for vice president in 2008.

Now there's a furor over a photo that Agent David Chaney posted on his Facebook page on Valentine's Day 2009.

Chaney posted, "I was really checking her out if you know what I mean?" said Chaney.

Another friend asks if Chaney's face is on the lapel badges Palin is wearing.

"Well if it was could you blame her? Anything to satisfy a stalker," said Chaney.

Palin vented her anger over the revelation to Greta Van Susteren.

"Well check this out bodyguard. You're fired," said Palin. "The president, for one, better be wary that when Secret Service is accompanying his family on vacation, they may be checking out the first lady instead of guarding her."

Other pictures on Chaney's Facebook page show the 48-year-old married agent partying with two unidentified women.

And another shows him with a voluptuous belly dancer—and his son—on a trip to Egypt.

Outside his home in northern Virginia is a pick-up truck with a sticker saying "SECEDE" and an outline of Texas, where Chaney was raised.

His father was also in the Secret Service, protecting JFK.

A second agent, Greg Stokes, who supervised the Secret Service K-9 Unit of bomb-sniffing dogs, has also been ousted in the worst scandal in Secret Service history. He appeared on Animal Planet's Dogs 101 last year, talking about the K-9 Unit's work protecting the president. Stokes is reported to be taking legal action against the Secret Service over his firing.

Meanwhile, the investigation into what happened in Cartagena is widening to include agents closest to the president.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent reports from Cartagena, "It's also being reported that the investigation into the activities of the Secret Service agents has been extended to those who stayed at the Hilton hotel in Cartagena. That could be even more potentially embarrassing for the White House because that is where the president stayed when he was in town.

And the stunning Latin beauty at the center of the scandal has finally been named. She's 24-year-old Dania Suarez.

A neighbor at the apartment house in Cartagena where she lives was quoted as saying, "She never told us what she did for a living, but it was obvious. She was home all day and left very late at night, looking very nice. She is a good mother."