Michael Jackson's Former Bodyguard Claims To Be Blanket's Father

A former bodyguard of Michael Jackson has come forward to say he may be the biological father of Blanket Jackson, and wants a DNA test. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Who is Blanket Jackson's real biological father?

Former Jackson family bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, now says he wants a DNA test to find out if Michael Jackson's youngest son is really his.

"There is a strong resemblance. My own mother has been questioning me about the resemblance," said 32-year-old Fiddes.

"Michael Jackson's Former Bodyguard Vows To Take Legal Action" says London's Daily Mail.  

English-born Fiddes says he's flying to Los Angeles to ask a court to order the DNA test, saying: "I think Blanket is mine, but I want final proof. All I want is access if he's my child, to take him out, and spend some time together."

The 32-year-old bodyguard has made the claim before. In 2010 he said he and Michael Jackson were very close and the King of Pop asked him for a sperm donation the year before Blanket was born.  

"In 2001 he asked me to donate sperm. I did it because of my own purposes—I wanted to get checked out—and also to help a friend out," said Fiddes.
The bodyguard is a martial arts master. Blanket also loves karate and wears a ponytail just like him.

"He wanted an athletic child," said Fiddes.

He claims he turned down Jackson's offer to pay him over a half-a-million dollars for his sperm. Later, he says, Jackson admitted in a private conversation that he was Blanket's biological father.

The bodyguard denies he's after money from the Jackson family. He has three other children and says he only wants visitation rights with Blanket.

"Now I've got to sit down with my kids and explain to them that they could well have a half-brother," said Fiddes.