Updates on Jennifer Hudson's Family Murder Trial

Jennifer Hudson appeared in court for the second day in the trial against the man accused of killing her mother, sister and nephew. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Jennifer Hudson is keeping her vow to be in court every day for the trial of the man accused of wiping out her family.

Jason Knowles is covering the case for WLS TV and spoke to INSIDE EDITION.

"She's been brought through the back entrance again, because we haven't spotted her outside the courtroom. She's sitting in the fourth row, in between her sister and her fiancé. She is emotional, of course," said Knowles. "Today, the prosecutors are introducing video surveillance and cell phone calls which they say places William Balfour near the crime scene," said Knowles.

Yesterday, Jennifer took the stand as the first witness and told the jury, "That's my mommy," when a photo of her beloved mother was shown.

Jennifer's sister, Julia, also testified. Julia said her marraige to defendant William Balfour went downhill when she accompanied Jennifer to Japan to promote Dreamgirls, the movie that earned her an Oscar®.

In a chilling photo, Jennifer and Balfour actually pose with her Oscar®.

Julia says Balfour was jealous of the attention the Hudson family was receiving. He even lashed out at Julia's 7-year-old son Julian from a previous relationship.

"Julian couldn't kiss me," Julia said on the stand, "He'd say, 'Get off my wife.' "

Balfour has pled not guilty to the slayings of Jennifer's nephew, brother and mother. She told Oprah Winfrey last year how the loss of her mother haunts her.

Hudson said on Oprah, "I try to do everything, to say, 'OK, will my mother like this? Will she be pleased? Will she be proud of that? How do I know she's happy and she's smiling down at me from heaven? And that's what I walk by."

Jennifer's celebrity friends are offering support. Kim Kardashian tweeted, "My heart and prayers [go] out to Jennifer Hudson while she is going through her trial. I can't even [imagine] the heartbreak."