Schools Crack Down On Risqué Prom Dresses

Showing a lot of skin may be the rage on Hollywood's red carpet, but some schools are putting a stop to revealing prom dresses. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Girls have been barred from entering prom because school officials say their dresses are just too revealing.  

More than ever, schools are turning girls away from the biggest social event of the year, because school officials say their dresses are not in-line with the prom night dress code. A big no-no?  Plunging necklines and thigh high slits—the kind you see on the red carpet.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to a few adorable teens getting ready for the big night, who were worried they might be barred.  

"Do you guys think this is too low? Do you think I won't get in with it?" asked one.

"Pull it up a bit," replied a friend.

Assistant principal Ginger Lawrence of Leesburg, Georgia, says that after seeing girls show up at past proms wearing risque gowns, they implemented a crackdown.   

"I think it's our duty as a school and a school system to put some restraints on these students that are minors," said Lawrence.

INSIDE EDITION found dresses that fit the code at David's Bridal.

"To make sure that your neckline is prom appropriate, you just take your thumb and your forefinger and put it right below your collar bone and you see where your dress hits your hand," said Cassandra Morris, a Prom Expert at David's Bridal.

One student, Kirby Whitehead, was worried that her dress showed too much skin.    

"It has a sweetheart neckline, that's a little iffy. It's shorter than most of my friends with long dresses," said Whitehead.

So she got one last check from her friends.

At the door, assistant principal Lawrence and other administrators kept a careful watch as students filed in.  

Whitehead's dress passed the test!

And what about Monica Cook, a girl who got turned away? She used a safety pin to adjust the strap of her halter dress and made it in.

With everyone's dresses to code it was time to dance the night away!