President Obama's Yogurt Mishap

President Obama got a surprise at a University of Colorado appearance when a student accidentally spilled her yogurt on him, making it one of her most embarrassing moments. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

"You got me! You got me!"

Words you really don't want to hear from the leader of the Free World, but President Obama was only joking about a silly mishap—somebody spilled blueberry yogurt on his pants.

The president wiped his pants clean as Kolby Zerbest, the young woman responsible for the mess, stood there in a state of disbelief.

"I'm so sorry!" said Zerbest.

"I'm teasing," replied Obama, "Who's got a napkin?"

"All in all, I'd say it was a pretty eventful, pretty memorable day for me," said Zerbest.

The pretty University of Colorado freshman may have lost her yogurt—but she gained a memorable encounter with the president.

"You've got a good story to tell. You can say, 'Well, I just spilled yogurt all over the president and the Secret Service,' " said Obama.

"Well, yeah. I'm very embarrassed of that story now, but it's a pleasure, the pleasure is all mine," said Zerbest.

It happened outside a popular restaurant in Boulder called The Sink. The president actually signed his name on the restaurant ceiling.

Later that night, he joked about the yogurt mishap during a speech at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

"I was shaking hands with folks outside, and a young woman got very excited and spilled yogurt on me," said Obama.

Begging your pardon, Mr. President, but that's not exactly how it happened.

"The Secret Service had asked anyone who was drinking anything or eating anything, to put it on the ground. And as he came towards us to shake our hands, paparazzi came up from behind me and kicked the cup," said Zerbest.

Either way, the President was just fine.

The president also appeared with Jimmy Fallon in a show taped earlier in the day at the University of North Carolina. We were surprised to find out what his favorite movie is.

"I'd say it's Groundhog Day! Which I realize came out before most of you were born," said Obama.

In Groundhog Day, Bill Murray relives the same day over and over again.

But luckily for the President, the yogurt mishap only happened once.