Prom Dress Trends Making Mothers Anxious

INSIDE EDITION looks at the latest prom dress trends that are becoming many parents' worst nightmare. 

Cleavage-baring, backless, skin tight and slit up to there, it's the hottest trend this year for prom.

Fiesta Ladies Fashion in Brooklyn, New York stocks many conservative styles, but their most popular dress is some parents' worst nightmare.

"It's a classic struggle between moms and daughters about how much skin can you reveal on prom night and girls want to push the envelope a little," said Ann Shoket, editor-in-chief of Seventeen.

INSIDE EDITION went shopping with 15-year-old Melissa and her mom Lori at designer Faviana International's showroom. Melissa tried on a slinky, sexy dress showing lots of skin.

"The back is just a little low, it bares a little too much skin," said Lori.

"As a whole, teenage girls want to look like their favorite stars. They want to look the way Miley Cyrus looked at the Oscars® or the way Taylor Swift looked a the Grammys: pretty, put-together, polished, glamorous," Shoket said.