Who Is The Most Beautiful Woman?

People magazine has named Beyoncé as the Most Beautiful Woman this year, but some scientists say mathematics declares a different woman as the Most Beautiful. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's official—the world's most beautiful woman is Beyoncé. The 30-year-old new mom is radiant on the cover of People magazine's Most Beautiful issue, on stands Friday.

Looking at her stunning photo shoot, it's hard to believe Beyoncé gave birth just 3 months ago.

People magazine Sr. Writer Alexis Chiu told INSIDE EDITION, "We really do believe that Beyoncé is the world's most beautiful woman right now. When you get her to start talking about her baby she just lights up and can't stop. She talked to me about changing diapers, about singing to her baby. She makes up her own lullabys."

But Beyoncé has some serious competition. Some say the world's most beautiful woman is actually from Britain. She's 18-year-old high school student Florence Colgate, and she works in a fish and chips shop in England.

According to scientists, the gorgeous teenager has the most mathematically symetrical face they've ever measured.

Colgate said on Good Morning America , "It's amazing how someone can work out your scientific measurements and decide whether you're beautiful or not."  

The distance from eyes to mouth should take up one-third of the face. On Colgate, it comes to 32.8%. And between the eyes, less than half the total width of the face.

But on The View, Barbara Walters wasn't so kind to Colgate in the battle of the beauties.

"Florence, forgive me, I think she's boring looking," said Walters.