Are Octomom's Kids Living In Squalor?

Octomom's hairdresser claims that Nadya Sulemon is neglecting her kids as conditions inside their home deteriorate. INSIDE EDITION speaks with her hairdresser to get the story.

Are Octomom's kids living in squalor? That's what Octomom's hairdresser, Stephanie Reynoza is claiming.

Reynoza told INSIDE EDITION, "I have been in there and I would throw up, it smells so bad."

Reynoza claimed she took disturbing photo's inside Octomom's house when she did her hair, just last week. 

There's graffiti everywhere and holes in the walls. The ceiling was damaged by water. Sulemon's hairdresser said the toilet in Octomom's house was broken and disgusting and the kids had to use porta-potties outside.

Reynoza told INSIDE EDITION, "It smells like urine and feces in there, because of the kids. There are eight of them potty training and are going all over the place in their little portable potties."

Octomom's hairdresser claimed that instead of fixing the plumbing, Sulemon, gave her a $520 check for an expensive Brazilian blowout. All this, while Octomom gets $4,000-$5,000 a month in welfare and food stamps.

Reynoza said "If you have money, why are you not spending it on your kids? Why aren't they wearing clothes?  Why don't they have underwear on?"

Sulemon denies the hairdresser's allegations and also says the plumbing, by now, has been fixed.