Young Baseball Fan Cries Foul After Oblivious Couple Snags Ball

A little boy was brought to tears when a foul ball he thought he was getting was instead caught by a spectator sitting near him and kept it for themselves. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

They say baseball can break your heart. A little boy was brought to tears when a ball tossed into the stands he thought he was getting was instead caught by the adult couple sitting near him.

Now, the couple is taking real heat for not handing the ball over.  

The tears came at the New York Yankees vs. Texas Rangers game in Texas.

A Rangers player throws a foul ball into the stands. After a little scramble, the couple next to the boy came up triumphant. The youngster reached for the ball that so nearly was his and then the tears began.

His mom tried to comfort him but with no luck. He tearfully buried his head in his hand. The fact that the couple then posed for pictures with the ball didn''t help. It was not clear if the couple were aware of the kids tears.

On CBS This Morning, Gayle King gave the couple the benefit of the doubt and said, "Your backs are turned to the little boy, I like to think that nobody would be that deliberately mean."

The heart-tugging moment is a reminder of an incident at another Rangers game, when a fan tumbled over the seats to grab a foul ball from under the nose of a youngster. Other fans actually chanted their feelings, "Give him the ball. Give him the ball." The lad was presented with a ball and a bat.

This latest tale has a happy ending too. Someone in one of the dugouts saw what had happened and threw the youngster a ball of his own.

He ended up having a ball after all.