800 Pound Bride Is Fitted For Wedding Gown

She wants to become the fattest person in the world, and NSIDE EDITION follows the 800 pound bride-to-be as she gets fitted for her wedding dress.

You won't believe why a seamstress has to roll out yards, and yards, and yards of fabric. It's all to make one dress—not just any dress—it's a wedding dress for an 800 pound bride.

"Okay, we have about 15 feet here and we need 45 feet, so about three times this amount to complete her dress," said seamstress Judy Goff.

Susanne Eman isn't the blushing bride—she's the bulging bride.

While most women lose weight for their wedding, Susanne, a 32-year-old single mom from Phoenix, embraces her curves.

She's preparing for her big day by eating 30,000 calories a day. Mountains of food soaked in butter. And get this—her fiancé, Parker is a chef.

Eman told INSIDE EDITION, "Oh, he's wonderful. He loves to cook. That helps out. His food is soooo good."

INSIDE EDITION was with Eman as her sister Cassie took her to the seamstress to get measured for her wedding dress. Just squeezing into the back seat of a car is a workout. But the first stop was the drive through at Carl's Jr. for a snack.

When she arrived at the seamstress's workshop, she layed out a spread of food consisting of three guacamole bacon cheeseburgers, two orders of chili cheese fries, nine tacos, a chocolate shake and a large Coke.

As her $50 lunch digested, it was time to check out the swatches.

"I want to go sleeveless because it's going to be summer time," said Eman.

Goff measured Eman. Brace yourself for her waist size...107 and-a-half inches. That's nine feet around.

Then Eman tried on different veils and tiaras.

"I'm feeling like a bride. I can't wait," said Eman.

She decided on something pretty, but practical.

Eman said, "I like an off-whitish, not completely white. Because if I wear completely white, I guarantee I'm going to spill something on it."

Her sister, Cassie, who will be her maid of honor, was all choked up.

"Oh my God, I can't wait to see her in the actual dress," exclaimed Cassie.

Then, it was time to roll out the material and get to work on the largest wedding dress in history.

Eman lives life large, literally, as she gets ready for her big day.