Jennifer Hudson Sobs Over Ex-boyfriend's Testimony

Jennifer Hudson broke down in court during the testimony of her ex-boyfriend, who made some shocking claims about her murdered brother. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Jennifer Hudson sobbed uncontrollably as her ex-boyfriend testified at the trial of the man accused of wiping out her family.

The ex-boyfriend is Chicago maintenance engineer James Payton, and he was Hudson's high school sweetheart.

Today on the stand, he said Jennifer's murdered brother, Jason, supported himself by selling "a little bit of drugs."

Outside the courtroom, a CNN reporter said, "He started sobbing uncontrollably and Jennifer Hudson then broke down. It was very, very emotional to see this man struggling so difficultly, recounting what he remembers about these murders."

Lawyers for defendant William Balfour have argued that he's innocent, and that Jason's drug associates are responsible for the murders of Jason, Jennifer's mother, and her nephew.

Jennifer took Payton to the Oscars® when she won Best Supporting Actress for Dreamgirls, but the couple broke up as her stardom skyrocketed. She's now engaged to Harvard Law School graduate turned professional wrestler, David Otunga.

Jennifer listened to her ex-boyfriend's testimony with her chin propped on her hand.