Meet the Gymnast With Half Of A Body

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the a courageous young gymnast who can fly through the air with the best of them, even though she has no legs.

24-year-old Jennifer Bricker is a gymnast that has incredible upper body strength, but an upper body is all she has.
Bricker does the most amazing feats with only half of a body. She was born without legs.

She told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret that never stopped her from realizing her dream to become a gymnast.

Moret asked, "Did anyone ever say to you, 'You can't do this?' "

Bricker said, "Looking back, I realize how absolutely lucky I was because no one said 'No.' "

INSIDE EDITION went with Bricker as she worked out at the gym in Los Angeles. She started with yoga poses, and then it was onto the trampoline. Her trainer actually has to lift her up to get onto the aerialist's silk, where she performs some amazing aerial stunts.

Bricker has biceps anyone would envy. She even did a handstand on a skateboard on a recent episode of Glee. She also performed on Britney Spears Circus tour.

Bricker is independent and lives alone and even drives herself around town.
She explained how she gets into her car saying, "Basically what I do is come in on the passenger side. I just put my stuff on the floor boards and then I hop in take the seat off [wheelchair], pull it up [into the car] and get up and hop over and shut the door."

She has a special handle on the steering wheel that controls both the accelerator and the brake.

Bricker may have half of a body but she is one amazing and inspiring woman who reaches for the sky every single day.