Baseball Catch Couple Tells Their Side of the Story

They've been the subject of national scorn for grabbing a foul baseball while a little boy near them cried over not getting the ball himself. INSIDE EDITION talks to the couple to hear their side of the story. 

They're the couple under fire for not handing over a ball to a sobbing youngster at a Major League ball game.

The couple, Sean Leonard and Shannon Moore became the object of national scorn after they were seen posing for a photo with the ball as the kid sobbed.

"We were told it was mentioned that we were the worst poeple in the world," said Leonard.

Now they're hitting back, insisting they were unaware of the tears flowing right beside them.

"I can assure you, had we seen a little boy crying over a ball, either one of us would have given the ball to the little child," said Moore.

A TV announcer for the game said, "They can't give the ball to the kid ... That's awful. Wow, it's like they're rubbing it in the kid's face."

But Moore and Leonard have their side of the story to tell. They say they would never have done something so heartless as the TV announcer suggested.

Moore said, I certainly wouldn't be taunting a little baby crying."

Moore and Leonard are actually getting married next week. He says one reason they were so oblivious, is that they were in what he calls, the love bubble. He's a big wig city official in a town near Dallas. They have seven children from previous marraiges.

They have a message for the announcer who ripped into them.

"He needs to apologize, in my opinion," said Leonard.

But Michael Kay, the voice of the New York Yankees, repeated his criticism on his ESPN radio show.

"The overwhelming majority of people on Twitter agree that you got to give the kid the ball," said Kay.

So what happened to the little guy?

Three-year-old Cameron Shores' eyes have now dried. His parents, Crystal and Kyle say the last time he sat in that seat he caught a ball.

"He's 3, so there might have been an expectation that everytime he goes down there, he gets a ball," said Kyle.

Mom and dad have no hard feelings towards the couple who grabbed the ball.

"I feel bad for them, that they've been made out to be these horrible people," said Crystal.