INSIDE EDITION Speaks With The Prankster Boyfriend

He was labeled the "Worst boyfriend in the world," for video taping a fake robbery prank on his girlfriend and her roommates. INSIDE EDITION talks to the prankster and the young ladies who may be plotting a prank of their own.

It was the prank seen around the world of the boyfriend who put on a ski mask, pretended to be a burglar and scared the daylights out of his girlfriend and her roommates.

INSIDE EDITION met the girls who got the shock of their lives and the prankster behind the mayhem, George Daoud, planned the scary surprise for his girlfriend, Soukaina Messaoudi, at her apartment in Little Rock, Arkansas.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked, "George, what possessed you to do something so mean?"

Daoud said, "One of their greatest fears is having a robbery in their home. So when I came to visit, in my mind I thought, maybe I should do a prank on them."

McInerney said, "So instead of flowers or chocolates," Daoud replied, "I gave them the gift of seeing a their reaction to the robbery."

Messaoudi was upset for a while, but eventually she calmed down.

McInerney asked, ‘Is he still your boyfriend?"

Messaoudi said, "Yes."

Daoud said, "I sweet-talked my way back into the relationship."

But this prankster is well aware that two can play at this game.

Messaoudi warned, "I'll get you back, George."

Daoud said, "Guess I got to keep watching my back."