Transcript of Voicemail in John Edwards Trial Shows Rielle Hunter Laughed at Elizabeth Edwards

According to a transcript of a voicemail provided by Andrew Young says that Rielle Hunter laughed at a cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards. Meanwhile, some are asking if Young's credibility has been tarnished over other details that surfaced in court

John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter actually laughed at cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards, according to just-released evidence at his corruption trial.

Hunter was watching news footage taken from a helicopter of the Edwards' after a meeting with then presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008.

"Johnny and Elizabeth couldn't be further apart from each other," Hunter laughed, according to the transcript of a voicemail she left for star prosecution witness Andrew Young. "I mean, on either side, like, of the driveway. So yeah, interesting."

Diane Diamond, special correspondent of The Daily Beast told INSIDE EDITION, "She laughs about it. John is standing on one side of the driveway, and Elizabeth is standing on the other. It seems to be a really insensitive thing to say about a woman's who's dying of cancer."

We're also getting our first look at the exhibit of the birth certificate for Edwards' love child.

It says Frances Quinn Hunter was born on 2-27-2008 in Santa Barbara, California, and the father's name is left blank.

Meanwhile, the credibility of Andrew Young took a major hit after he admitted on the stand that he bilked Edwards' wealthy contributers out of $200,000 that he used to put in a pool and entertainment system at the dream house he was building in North Carolina.

"We lost our perspective. The house got more and more extravagant," Young testified.

Diamond told INSIDE EDITION, "There was a completely different Andrew Young on the stand today. This was the day it seemed like he took a 5 Hour Energy bottle before he took the stand. He looked at John Edwards for the first time. He answered back sharply when Abbe Lowell tried to talk about 'his version of the truth.' He interrupted him and he said, 'My version? This is the truth, sir.' "