Former Husband Of Bengals Cheerleader Accused Of Having Sex With Student Speaks Out

The former husband of the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleading Captain speaks to INSIDE EDITION about the alleged affair she had with a student.

It was the wedding of their dreams with a reception inside the Cincinnati Bengals' stadium—even the cake was in the Bengals colors.

The bride, Sarah Jones, was captain of cheerleading squad, the Ben-Gals. The lucky groom was her high school sweetheart, Nathan Wilburn.

But by the time their Caribbean honeymoon was over, their marriage was as good as finished too.  

Wilburn said he was tortured by shocking rumors that his new bride, a high school English teacher in a small town outside Cincinnati, was having sex with one of her students. She insisted she had never been unfaithful.

"I'm not going to lie. It's all I pretty much thought about. I still think about it now," said Wilburn.
INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked, "You found you weren't able to trust her?"

Wilburn said, "Yeah, I wanted her to tell me why people were saying these things."

The honeymoon was a disaster, they fought so much over those rumors that they split up just six weeks after the wedding. She filed for an annullment claiming the marriage had never even been consummated.

Now, prosecutors say the rumors that poisoned their marriage are true. Jones has been charged with having sex with a 17-year-old student - the latest hot teacher to allegedly risk it all for a teenage lover. She has pled not guilty.

"Of course I don't want my wife to be guilty of having sexual relations with a young boy," said Wilburn.

Boyd said, "It sounds like you want to believe in Sarah, but there's a big part of you that's really skeptical."

Wilburn said, "I go back and forth every day as far as whether I feel it's true or not true."

Prosecutors say they have graphic text messages which prove Jones and a teenage student had a three month affair.

Wilburn said, "She says she's crushed and her life is over, she has nothing left. Her teaching career's over. Her Bengals career is over."

Even the alleged victim and his family were in court supporting Jones and say there was no affair, and Wilburn's grandparents, who raised him, believe Jones is innocent too.

Wilburn's grandmother said, "We just can't imagine her doing something like this, unless she tells us herself, I would never think she did it."

Wilburn is moving on, as he has a new girlfriend, Misty, who takes a harsher view of his ex. Misty said, "You're just indicted for something you didn't do."

The marriage was so short, Wilburn never had the chance to watch the home video of his wedding day. As he watched it for the first time, he said he hopes his bride doesn't go to prison.

"I hope she's innocent. I hope she can get her life back together," said Wilburn.

Boyd asked, "What if she's not?"

Wilburn said, "If she's not, she deserves to go to jail."