Plane Crash Lands Intentionally

An airplane crash was caught on tape and the most shocking part is the crash was intentionally staged for a Discovery Channel documentary. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A plane crash-landed in the desert, and the biggest shock is it was crash-landed on purpose. Nobody was aboard—not even the pilot.

The Boeing 727 passenger jet was crashed in a remote Mexican desert for an upcoming Discovery Channel documentary.

Part of a ripped open fuselage is what was left of the 170-seat plane after the deliberate disaster. The project took four years to plan.

The Discovery Channel did not release the footage, but it was captured by someone who happened to be watching the plane come down and posted it on YouTube.

Minutes before impact, the pilot bailed out and the plane was operated by remote control from another aircraft.

Meanwhile, dozens of cameras inside the plane recorded everything that happened to the crash-test dummies that replaced actual passengers.

It's hoped that scientists can improve survival techniques and passenger safety by studying the footage captured by those cameras.