A Look Inside The Hollywood Nightclub Where Some Republicans Ran Up A Nearly $2,000 Tab

INSIDE EDITION looks at the West Hollywood nightclub where some Republicans gathered for a party that became a PR nightmare. 

The Voyeur nightclub is one of the hottest spots in West Hollywood. 

It was here that a group of young Republicans called "the Young Eagles" came to be wined and dined, running up a tab of nearly $2,000, all charged to the Republican National Committee. So what's it like inside?

Voyeur has plush leather couches and silver champagne buckets. 

It attracts Hollywood A-listers like Paris Hilton and Gerard Butler.

It's said to be modeled on the 1999 Tom Cruise movie Eyes Wide Shut and features semi-nude women acting out scenes of bondage.

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele says he knew nothing about the outing at Voyeur nightclub. But he's now the target of jokes on The Daily Show:

"Perhaps you could go with something like this: Right wing XXX-tremists," Jon Stewart jokingly suggested as a newspaper headline.