Principal and Secretary Caught Kissing In School

A high school principal and his secretary were caught kissing in an empty classroom during school hours. INSIDE EDITION speaks with the student who captured the embarrassing moment on camera.

A certain high school principal did not want to talk to INSIDE EDITION, for a good reason.

He was caught in a steamy video, kissing his secretary and here's the kicker - the principal and the secretary are married - but not to each other.

The two were caught red-handed by 16-year-old student, Myranda Garber.

Garber was sitting in her science class at a school outside Phoenix when she became aware of some sound coming from an empty classroom next door, so she put her cell phone to a small hole near the floor.

Myranda told INSIDE EDITION, "I stuck my camera in there, angled it right."

She was shocked to see what she'd shot, during school hours, no less.

Myranda said, "The whole class was watching this. Nobody could say anything besides, ‘Wow!' "

The astonishing video reminded many of a classic episode of The Simpsons in which the school principal is caught kissing one of his teachers.

But nobody's laughing about the scandal involving Stephen McClenning and Billie Madewell. They've both resigned from their jobs.

Myranda Garber's mother, Tanda, has no doubts her daughter did the right thing. She told INSIDE EDITION, "I was livid. My blood was boiling. The public needs to know."

Stephen McClenning is expressing regret for what he did.

An INSIDE EDITION reporter asked, "Do you feel that you owe an apology?"

McCleaning said, "Of course, I've already done that."

But the damage has been done.