EXCLUSIVE: Levi Johnston and Girlfriend Are Expecting

INSIDE EDITION talks exclusively to Levi Johnston and his new girlfriend about everything from Bristol Palin, to the surprising name they've chosen for their unborn baby.

The young blonde is five and a half months pregnant. And you won't believe who the father is...

It's Levi Johnston—Bristol Palin's former fiancé.

Her name is Sunny Oglesby, a 20-year-old from Wasilla, Alaska.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the young lovers just across the lake from Sarah Palin's house.

"You said Sarah Palin lives where?" asked Moret.

"Right around that point," said Johnston.

"You're having a girl and you have a name picked out?" said Moret.

"Yes," replied Oglesby.

"And the name is?" asked Moret.

"Breeze Beretta Johnston," said Oglesby.

"Beretta like the gun, Beretta?" asked Moret.

"Yeah," replied Oglesby.

When Oglesby revealed she was unmarried and pregnant, the Christian school where she was working as a teacher suggested she quit. She's now a preschool teacher in Wasilla public schools.
"How did you two meet?" asked Moret.

"I seen her on Facebook—a picture, and I called my friend and said 'Get her,'" said Johnston.
Oglesby says she didn't know who Levi was.

"You've never heard of Levi Johnston?" asked Moret, "Were you living under a rock to not know who he was?"

"I don't watch gossip stuff," replied Oglesby.

"Gossip? He was sitting there at the convention," said Moret.

"I wasn't watching that stuff, I was in high school," said Oglesby.

But it was love at first sight. Speaking of sights, looking through a gun sight was how they spent one of their first dates—bear hunting in the woods.

"Any woman who can hunt bears with me is a keeper. You can't find those every day," said Johnston.

"You like to hunt? You look more like a California surfer girl than Alaska," said Moret.

"I've been told that a million times," said Oglesby.

INSIDE EDITION went baby shopping with them at one of Wasilla's baby stores, Cranberry Cottage. 

This will be Johnston's second child. His son Tripp with Bristol Palin is now almost four years old. Johnston tattooed his kids' names on his arms. On his left is Tripp, on his right is Breeze.
"Why is this time different?" asked Moret.

"I'm actually in love, not doing it just because we had a kid together," said Johnston.

Oglesby says Johnston is a good son-in-law to be. He gets along with her mom—much better than he ever got along with mamma grizzly.

"They're like best friends," said Oglesby.

But Johnston still hasn't officially popped the question. Oglesby wants him to propose before Breeze is born.

"Is there any question in your mind that this is the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with?" Moret asked.

"No," replied Johnston.

"Sunny, is this the guy you want to marry?" asked Moret.

"I couldn't picture it any other way," said Oglesby.

"It sounds like he's about to marry us right now—so we got to be careful," joked Johnston.

"I do!" said Oglesby.