Where Are Oprah's Giveaway Cars Today?

It was a moment in TV history when Oprah gave a car to every member of her audience. Now, 8 years later, INSIDE EDITION caught up with some of the lucky winners to see where those cars are today.

It was one of the most electrifying moments in TV history on September 2004, the day Oprah gave everyone in her audience a brand new car.

They went wild, jumping for joy and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Now, eight years later, we've tracked down some of those lucky winners.

Three women were in the audience that day—Molly Vielweber, Shearry Warren and Tricia Nester had no idea Oprah was going to give away cars. They were happy to just get tickets for the show.

Oprah handed out little white boxes, telling the audience that only one of them would win a car.

"If your box has a key, you will be the last person to get one of those cute little G-6's," Oprah said on the show.

Shearry Warren told INSIDE EDITION, "All of a sudden, she said 'Open it' and you hear this roar build and build, and then you realize you get a car also."

Tricia Nester was jumping up and down on her car in the parking lot.

"I was hugging my car. I couldn't believe it," said Nester.

The cars today are like new. Some even have the original Oprah license plates: Oprah 6 and O (for Oprah) Prize 1.

The ladies take extra good care of their Oprah cars, and despite having more than 88,000 miles on the odometer, they say the cars run great.

Not all the Oprah cars have fared so well. One car, which was sold and is now in Colorado, was recently in a minor fender bender. Tricia sold hers right after the show, with just 15 miles on the odometer. She got $23,000 for it.

Molly's daughter, Morgan drives her Oprah car now and strangers still take notice.

"I'm at stoplights sometimes and I look in the rearview mirror and they have their phones out and they're taking pictures of my license plate," said Morgan.

Oprah's prize will always have special meaning for Molly.

"Besides having my kids and getting married, it's probably the best thing that's ever happened to me," said Molly.