Exclusive: Levi Johnston Reveals Ongoing Issues with Bristol Palin

Levi Johnston and his new girlfriend sat down with INSIDE EDITION and revealed some ongoing issues he says he faces with Bristol Palin.

It's the battle of the baby mamas.

Bristol Palin just released a photo of her son, Tripp, smiling and happy, posing by the ocean.

"So grown up!" Bristol writes.

Bristol apparently posted the photo as a response to the INSIDE EDITION interview with her ex, Levi Johnston and his pregnant new girlfriend, pretty pre-school teacher Sunny Oglesby.

Bristol was quoted as saying, "I'm so upset" when she learned that Oglesby was pregnant with a baby girl to be named Breeze Beretta Johnston. But Bristol's just-released photo sends the message that she's moving on.

Levi Johnston told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, "I don't know what she's thinking or what she has to say, and I really don't care."

Levi and Bristol clearly have issues to work out for the sake of their son. He says their most recent conversation did not go well.

Johnston said, "She was like, 'Why are you making Tripp call Sunny mom?' I was like, 'What are you talking about?' She said, 'Tripp came home and says you forced him to call Sunny mom.' "

Moret asked Oglesby, "And just to be straight, you never asked Tripp to call you mom?"

"Never. I would never," replied Oglesby.

"I wouldn't let her and she would never do that," said Johnston.

Oglesby said, "I don't want it. He has his mom and I'm Sunny, hopefully the cool stepmom that will be like, best friends one day."