YouTube Backpeddles on Kate Upton Video

A racy video of supermodel Kate Upton was burning up the internet, until YouTube took it down. Now, the video hub has had a change of heart and the bikini-clad beauty is back online. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Is a video with Kate Upton too hot for YouTube?

A video featuring Sports Illustrated covergirl Kate Upton dancing provocatively in a teeny string bikini, the same one she wore on her now famous Sports Illustrated cover, is causing a stir.

After racking up nearly 750,000 views, YouTube received a flood of complaints and the video was pulled for violating the site's "Nudity policy."

But the reaction was swift.

Upton called the ban "completely silly" and after thinking it through a little more, YouTube had a change of heart. On Thursday, the video was put back up. 

YouTube said in a statement: "Sometimes we make the wrong call."