Junior Seau's Apparent Suicide Raises Question: Is His Former Team Cursed?

The apparent suicide of NFL legend Junior Seau makes him the latest member of the 1994 San Diego Chargers who died a premature death. INSIDE EDITION looks at the tragic situation and the question that's being raised—is the football team curse

The last video of football legend Junior Seau, singing and strumming a ukulele has surfaced.

The video was taken just two weeks ago at a USC football practice. Seau played for USC in college and appeared happy and relaxed.

There was no hint of the shocking news that one of football's all-time greats would take his own life.  

And now, there's another bizarre twist. Junior Seau is the eighth member of the 1994 San Diego Chargers Super Bowl team to meet a shocking death, leaving many to wonder, is there a Chargers curse?

All eight players have died in freakish circumstances before the age of 45.

Just five months after the Chargers lost to the San Francisco 49ers, linebacker David Griggs died when he slammed his car into a light pole.

Running back Rodney Culver was aboard ValuJet flight 592 that crashed into the Everglades in 1996.

Linebacker Doug Miller was struck by lightning while camping - then was struck by a second bolt while CPR was being performed on him.

Three others died from heart attacks. Lineman Curtis Whitley died from a drug overdose.

INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero knew Junior Seau when she was an NFL sideline reporter.  

Guerrero said, "Some of these guys died so young and in such strange ways - hit by lightning, plane accidents, car accidents, drug overdose and then Junior Seau's tragic suicide."

His mother couldn't hold back her grief as she said, "Please take me, take me, not my son."