Prostitute At The Center Of Secret Service Scandal Breaks Her Silence

The prostitute at the center of the worst Secret Service scandal in America's history speaks out for the first time to share her side of the story from that night. INSIDE EDITION has all the details.

The beauty at the center of the worst Secret Service scandal in history spoke out for the first time.

24-year-old prostitute, Dania Suarez appeared on a radio show and described how she met a group of men at a night club in Cartagena, Colombia, but did not know they were Secret Service agents.

Speaking in Spanish, she said, "One of the men said I looked very attractive. We danced, we drank and then when it was time to leave, I said, 'Well, my love, you have to give me $800. That's the little gift that I want.' He said, "Ok baby, let's go to the hotel."

She said the agent brought her back to the Hotel Caribe and claimed she saw military style uniforms and documents in his room.

"He slept all night. I could have got security information if I had wanted," she said.

The next morning, she asked for money.

"I [told] him to get up and to give me the little gift that I asked him for. He tells me, 'No, let's go.' We did not create a scene. That was a lie."

But after leaving the hotel she told a police officer what had happened.