Missing Baby Gabriel's Mother Charged

The young mother at the center of the missing baby Gabriel case has been charged with kidnapping. 23-year-old Elizabeth Johnson is being held on bond. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The mother at the center of the nationwide search for missing 8-month-old baby Gabriel is now charged with kidnapping.

23-year-old Elizabeth Johnson appeared in court in Tempe, Arizona.

"The defendant is the only person who knows where Gabriel is and if he's dead or alive.  And she refuses to cooperate and tell anyone where Gabriel is," said the prosecutor.

Johnson shook her head as the prosecutor spoke and she received a rebuke from the judge.

Judge: "I noted your shaking your head and disagreeing with the comments..."

Johnson: "Yes, everything she was saying was completely false."

Judge: "Please do not interrupt."

Baby Gabriel was last seen just after Christmas when his mother took him on a bizarre cross-country trip. She claims she left him with complete strangers in a San Antonio park before continuing on alone to Miami Beach.

The judge ordered her held on $1.1 million bail.

"I don't really know what to say, but everything is so false, from the fleeing to everything that she said is so completely false.  I don't know what else to say but that," Johnson told the court.

Meanwhile, Arizona couple Jack and Tammi Smith, who expressed an interest in adopting baby Gabriel, took a lie detector test. The results are now in, and police say they are "inconclusive."

"They came back inconclusive, how do you explain that?" asks INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent.

"I explain that that is exactly what we were told, we would be either told that we were lying or it would come back inconclusive," Jack said.

"Are you telling police everything you know?"

"Yes, everything. I mean we're even brainstorming to find any other information that we may think that is even insignificant in this case," Tammi answered.

The Smiths say they now believe Elizabeth Johnson duped them into believing she was a caring mother who only wanted the best for baby Gabriel.

"We bought into the whole sad scenario that she gave us, but then we started to see little bits and pieces that [we thought], 'Wait a minute, this didn't make sense,' " said Tammi.