Ann Romney's Bird Shirt Problem Will Not Fly Away

A blouse Ann Romney wore on a television appearance this week is landing her in hot water. INSIDE EDITION explains why.

A blouse has landed Ann Romney smack in the middle of controversy. She wore a silk shirt decorated with a yellow bird earlier this week on CBS This Morning.  
Ann was on the show and talked about the softer side of Mitt.

But MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell ignited a firestorm, not for what Ann Romney said, but for what she wore.

O'Donnell said, "It's a really ugly t-shirt."

Even Republican Megan McCain was critical. "No, it's not my style," McCain said to O'Donnell. 

The blouse is from the spring 2012 collection by designer Reed Krakoff. Ann apparently bought it off the rack.

The bird blouse that everyone's talking about is called the "Reed Audubon Silk Shirt,"   named after the National Audubon Bird Watching Society. It sells for a very pricey $990, leading Friday's Washington Post to call Ann's outfit, "Catnip for critics."

O'Donnell said, "Yet another example of how out of touch the Romney family can be."

Of course, Michelle Obama has also been criticized, as she wore $600 designer sneakers to visit a soup kitchen for the homeless, and a tote which she carried to a parent teacher conference that cost $1,200. By the way, it's by the same designer who created Ann Romney's bird blouse.

Charlotte Cowles of New York Magazine said, "You would think, she would look at a shirt that had a giant bird on it and maybe rethink that choice."

Now Ann is hoping the controversy over her bird blouse will just fly away.