Dr. Phil, SNL Weigh In On The Tanning Mom

After being mocked on Saturday Night Live, tanning mom Patricia Krentcil is still a hot topic. INSIDE EDITION spoke with Dr. Phil to get his take on the tanning mom.

Dr. Phil McGraw is weighing in on the New Jersey mom, whose bronze face is shocking the nation.

Dr. Phil told INSIDE EDITION, "If she did take her child to that tanning salon, she should be held to account. If she didn't, she's still modeling unhealthy behavior for a child and that's just unacceptable. That's not the job of a parent."

Tanning obsessed mom, Patricia Krentcil, seemed chipper, smiling about that hilarious Saturday Night Live skit over the weekend.

Saturday Night Live's Kristin Wiig and did a spot-on impersonation of Krentcil during the "Weekend Update" portion of the show.

Wiig, in character as Krentcil, said, "Seth, anyone can look like me, it's not just the tanning, it's also about the right beauty products."

Seth Meyers joked, "Really? Because you look like a baseball glove."

So, what did Krentcil think of the skit?

Krentcil said, "Saturday Night Live was hysterical."

INSIDE EDITION found Krentcil over the weekend, while she was soaking up some rays, watering her lawn. The leathery 44-year-old wore an itty-bitty tennis dress - an outfit that would definitely let her work on her tan.

Kentcil has pleaded not guilty to a charge of child endangerment.