Sandra Bullock Comes Out of Hiding

Sandra Bullock was mobbed by paparazzi when she spotted for the first time since news broke of her husband's affairs. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Sandra Bullock is finally out of hiding!

The Oscar®-winner's car was mobbed by a crush of photographers as she was leaving a friend's home.  It's the first time the beloved actress has been spotted since news broke of her husband's infidelities.

Bullock sat in the back seat  and kept her face hidden from the blinding flashbulbs with a floppy blue hat.   The guy who was sitting next to Bullock covered her up with his scarf.

The driver had to maneuver through the paparazzi mosh pit as Bullock left the home of wealthy Beverly Hills businessman Gabriel Brener, described as her "dear family friend."  Brener is owner of the investment firm Brener International Group. 

A source close to the actress tells People magazine that Sandra and Brener have known each other "for decades." She's been leaning on him for support and reportedly "spends a lot of time at his house."

Bullock and Jesse James have been speaking on the phone but the conversations have reportedly been very heated. And it all culminated in one final blow-out  screaming match. James is said to have broken down in tears during the call, and when it was over he took off in his car and drove to Arizona to check into rehab for sex addiction. James is now said to be repeatedly trying to contact Bullock, but she's ignoring his calls.

James will stay at the Sierra Tucson Rehab Center for 45 days, but Bullock is reportedly not impressed. A studio executive who is friends with the actress is quoted as saying rehab has "become a trite thing to do. It comes across as predictable and just plain lame."  

Another source close to the star tells Bullock is "so embarrassed she wants to die."


Meanwhile, James's lawyer is coming to his defense for that disturbing photo showing James wearing a Nazi officer's hat and giving the Nazi salute. His attorney says the hat was "a gag gift from his Jewish godfather" and "possessing Nazi memorabilia does not make someone a neo-Nazi."