Cops Say Mila Kunis Faced With Persistent Stalker

After another run in with an alleged stalker, Mila Kunis was forced to hide in her car until police arrived. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop. 

Mila Kunis was out in public carrying a cup of coffee in New York City after fleeing 3,000 miles from an alleged stalker in Los Angeles who's reportedly been terrorizing her for months.

Cops say the actress was confronted by a 27-year-old crazy man outside her gym in West Hollywood late last week. She actually had to run and hide in her Range Rover until police got there and arrested him.  

Turns out, cops say, the alleged stalker had followed Kunis to the gym for three days in a row. He was already under a court order to stay away from the Friends With Benefits star after pleading no contest to breaking into her home in January.

Here's what we've learned about her alleged stalker: His name is Stuart Dunn. He's from Kentucky. Cops say he's 5 foot 7 inches tall, weighs 125 pounds and he's homeless.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to former prosecutor Rhonda Saunders, who founded the Los Angeles stalking assessment office.

Saunders said, "It becomes very dangerous when you have a stalker who does their homework—who goes out of their way to find out where the celebrity lives, where does the celebrity go, repeatedly follows that celebrity."