INSIDE EDITION Meets Three Of The World's Strongest Women

INSIDE EDITION met three female bodybuilders who are some of the strongest women in the world and went behind the scenes as they train for The Muscle Beach Invitational.

INSIDE EDITION met female bodybuilders who are three of the strongest women in the world.

These buffed babes are training for The Muscle Beach International classic, held at the legendary Muscle Beach in Venice, California, on Memorial Day.

Lauren Powers, Dallas Malloy, and Cary DiNapoli are best friends, but they take the competition very seriously. Unbelievably, they claim they don't take steroids.

How did their bodies get so cut?

They work out like it's a full-time job. INSIDE EDITION was with them at Los Angeles' Bodybuilders Gym where they lift weights as much as eight hours a day, six days a week.
Powers said, "This is a lot of hard work and it's not for everyone."

They may have mountains of muscles, but they still are in touch with their feminine sides. Malloy is a classically trained pianist. Powers is an amateur ballroom dancer. DiNapoli is a mother of four.
But for now, their focus is on the competition.

First, they oil themselves up. Then, bronzer is applied to give their skin that sun-kissed look and help accent their physique. They're judged on flexing and posing and how well they show off their perfect muscle definition.

Each one of them is hoping to muscle their way to the title.