Suzanne Somers Discusses New Breast Reconstructive Surgery Technique

Suzanne Somers reveals details of the innovative reconstructive surgery she had done following her battle with breast cancer. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Suzanne Somers loves her new body.

The breast cancer survivor is the first woman in America to undergo an innovative but still untested procedure, not yet approved by the FDA. She explained how it was done on the Today show.

"They took the fat from my stomach and then they spun out the stem cells, and put that fat and stem cells together and injected it in here and re-grew the breast," said Somers.

The 65-year-old actress actually showed the surgery on her web show, Suzanne Somers Breaking Through.

In the video, Somers explains, "This is hard to watch. I had no breast there. He uses a sophisticated instrument that I call a turkey baster."

Somers, famous for her self-help books that promote alternative therapy, was left with lopsided breasts after having a lumptectomy. Instead of using implants to reconstruct her breasts, Somers had the controversial stem cell breast reconstruction procedure.

The procedure has been performed on only 500 women outside the U.S. It was invented by a doctor in Japan. The results were so good, Kathie Lee Gifford couldn't resist putting the sqeeze on Somers.

The procedure Suzanne Somers went through is still being tested by the private firm behind it in hopes that its findings can be presented to the FDA for approval.  There is no word on when, if ever, it might be available to the public.