Tiger's Deal with Rachel Uchitel - $10 million!

INSIDE EDITION has learned how much money Tiger Woods paid his mistress Rachel Uchitel to keep quiet about their affair, and the number is staggering.

INSIDE EDITION is now learning how much Tiger Woods' mistress number one, Rachel Uchitel, got for keeping details of their affair a secret forever—a stunning $10 million!

The deal was signed last December, just hours before Rachel was supposed to go public about her life with Tiger.

As a result of the $10 million deal, the 34-year-old party girl chose not to participate in that eye-opening photo spread in the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine. The same can't be said for other former Tiger mistresses.

Loredana jolie, a former Playboy model, appears naked, draped across a hotel bed surrounded by front page headlines reporting on the scandal.

And 23-year-old Jamie Jungers is pictured wearing only sexy black lingerie beneath her full length mink coat with the Manhattan skyline behind her.

A video shows what went on behind the scenes in the photo shoots with Tiger's women and Vanity Fair photographer Mark Seliger.

Mindy Lawton, who met Tiger when she worked as a waitress in a pancake house, is pictured in a diner seductively biting on a cherry.

And Michelle Braun, who says Tiger was a regular client of her high class escort service, is seen prowling a hotel corridor in a revealing swimsuit.