Student Injured In Rooftop Pool Party Jump

A student from Colorado State University jumped off a 3-story roof into the pool below, but hit the concrete with a shocking thud. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A college sophomore jumped off a roof aiming for the swimming pool below. Instead of hitting the water, he hit the concrete edge with a sickening thud.

By some miracle, Ian Smith, a student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, survived the fall, but he has devastating injuries. He broke his heels, ankles and multiple vertebrae in his back.

Terrified onlookers called 911.

One caller said, "He decided to jump in the pool, but he missed it!"

Another caller said, "He hit the concrete and then landed in the water! He's bleeding out of his foot. I think he shattered his ankle."

It happened near the college campus in a neighborhood that's known for out of control partying.

Just last year, cops had to break up a notorious party at a nearby apartment complex when more than 4,000 students showed up. Ten were hospitalized after they drank too much.

This latest tragedy is part of a dangerous trend known as roof jumping. INSIDE EDITION found heart-stopping videos all over the internet of other roof jumpers.

College students Erica Vellinga and Berlyn Anderson witnessed Smith's terrifying jump near Colorado State.

Anderson said, "He came up to us and asked if he thought that it would be fun to jump off the roof."

Vellinga said, "He was laughing and everyone told him to get down. People were laughing because they didn't think he would do it."

When they realized he was serious, it was too late.

Vellinga said, "We all knew he was going to jump and that it was not going to end well."