The New Group Of Superfoods

INSIDE EDITION finds the new superfoods that could enhance your diet and health.

We've all seen the wacky commercials for Chia Pets. There's even an Obama Chia Pet. But did you know that chia is edible?

It sure is, and it's actually really good for you.

The chia seeds that you use to grow a Chia Pet are actually tiny miracle workers. You shouldn't eat the seeds that come in the box, because they've got fertilizer and pesticides mixed in. But you can buy chia seeds in most grocery and health food stores. They're very high in fiber and protein, full of antioxidants and can even help you lose weight and prevent heart disease.

Chia is just one in a surprising new group of superfoods that can turn everyday snacks into a health bonanza.

INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero got a superfood tutorial from Aarti Sequeira, host of Aarti Party on the Food Network.

Sequeira said, "These are foods that have been around for generations but we're only realizing why they are so amazing for us."

Sequeira made a green tea pudding using chia seeds. You can also put them in soups and salads. Another superfood that tastes a lot better than it sounds - Nutritional yeast.

Sequeira said, "You smell it, it's kind of cheesy. That's how it's used. Anywhere you would use cheese you can use nutritional yeast."

Sprinkle it on pasta or popcorn or scrambled eggs. It's high in vitamins and minerals and can even lower cholesterol.

If you want to turn a salad into a supersalad, add jicima, although it might just be the ugliest vegetable in your grocery store.

Sequeira said, "It's full of fiber and also it's full of vitamin C. It helps your skin, it fights wrinkles, it fights the harshness of the sun. It's sweet and sour, a little spicy."

And if you thought broccoli was good for you, it's got nothing on broccoli sprouts.

"These are the little vegetable that could. If you eat broccoli sprouts they have 50 times the cancer fighting power that a full sized broccoli stalk," said Sequeira.

Sprinkle them on a salad or a sandwich.

It just goes to show - you should never judge a food by it's looks or reputation.