How Massage Therapists Deal with Frisky Clients

The allegations against John Travolta have put the spotlight on massage therapy. NSIDE EDITION learns how legit massage therapists deal with frisky clients.

The massage therapist - it's a respectable profession with a troubling image problem.

Many people get the wrong idea about a massage. Like sex-mad Samantha on Sex and the City, for instance. She actually hit on her masseur in one episode.

In an episode of Friends, masseuse Phoebe spelt out rule number one, "No fooling around with clients."

Now, John Travolta is accused of propositioning two male masseurs.

So, how do legitimate massage professionals deal with randy customers?

Melanie Marden runs a Los Angeles massage business called High Maintenance Mobile spa.

"I think in Hollywood especially, massage is getting a bad name. I think a lot of people have forgotten what it is really all about. That it is the human healing touch," said Marden.

She and two members of her staff demonstrated one important step to INSIDE EDITION that they always take, it is called draping. Which means they take the appropriate measures to keep the client covered up.

Marden said that she and her staff have a zero tolerance policy if a client gets too frisky.

"First and foremost is your safety. I don't care if you leave the [massage] bed there, you leave," said Marden.

She said that screening customers before they book a massage is important.

Marden said, "You usually notice on the phone. If the questions sound like, 'What do I get with the massage?' We say, 'You get a massage.' And usually at that point I say to them, 'I think you are calling the wrong company,' and they get off the phone pretty quickly."

Keep your hands to yourself, that's their message about a massage.