EXCLUSIVE: Tonya Harding Talks About Being A Mother

INSIDE EDITION spoke with notorious former figure skater, Tonya Harding about the joy she has found in being a mother for the first time.

You would never expect bad girl Tonya Harding to be gathering up baby toys, just like any other stay-at-home mother in America. She is doing this because she's just become a mom for the first time.

Harding's voice shook as she spoke for the first time about the birth of her new baby boy in an exclusive interview with INSIDE EDITION.

Harding began to cry when she said, "He's the most wonderful thing in the world."

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney sat down with Harding, who revealed the difficulties of becoming a mother at age 40.

McInerney asked, "When you first learned you were pregnant, what was your first reaction?"

"Oh my God, my boobs hurt! My whole life, I always wanted to have children and through medications, and broken tailbones, and water cyst's, and blood cyst's, and as a female and not being able to have a child was what I was told," said Harding.

Harding was injured numerous times during her long skating career and is best remembered for the shocking 1994 clubbing of Olympic rival Nancy Kerrigan.
Harding denied involvement and was never charged and prosecutors say her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, was the mastermind. Still, Harding is forever linked with the attack. So how will she explain this to her son when he grows up?

Harding said, "When he comes to ask or when he's old enough to know, he will know ."
McInerney asked, "Do you dread that day?"
Harding responded, "No. Why should I?"
Harding will have some help when that question comes, from her new husband, Joe Price, her third.

Price said he doesn't care about Harding's past - which includes an arrest for domestic violence after she threw a hubcap at an ex-boyfriend and did some weed whacking as part of her community service.

Now that she's mellowed as a mom, will Harding encourage her son to become a figure skater like mommy?
Harding said, "Skating is so political and I really don't want my son wearing tights."