Howard Stern's Smooching Spree

Shock jock Howard Stern is making the rounds promoting his new job as judge on America's Got Talent, and he's not escaping controversy. INSIDE EDITION caught up with Stern in New York.

Howard Stern's new gig as a judge on America's Got Talent launches next Monday, and as with anything associated with the legendary shock jock, it's controversial.

Stern is promising he'll be a tough, but honest judge.

Stern said, "You can't complain about a show until you see the show. It's my job as a judge on America's Got Talent to make sure that they get to the next level, and to be honest with them and tell them why it's not happening for them."

Not eveyone's happy about his move to prime time. The TV watchdog group Parent's Television Council is  anticipating "vile antics" and "obsene and grotesque material" courtesy of Stern. The group is even calling for a boycott of the hit show.

"They're entitled to their opinion, they just sound awfully foolish," said Stern.

So is America about to see the kinder, gentler side of the self-proclaimed king of all media?

Stern was huggy-kissy on the Today show, sitting on Matt Lauer's lap and giving him a kiss. He did the same  to Sherri Shepherd on The View.  Barbara Walters turned the tables, and sat on Stern's lap.  

We'll see if the rest of America takes to Howard Stern next week.