Pennsylvania's Ghost Town

INSIDE EDITION paid a visit to Brownsville, Pennsylvania that was once a thriving community, but has become a virtual ghost town due to the struggling economy.

Brownsville, Pennsylvania is looking like a real life ghost town.

The buildings are deserted. The main street is eerily quiet. There isn't a soul in sight. INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent was there to take a look.

Trent said, "Every single one of these buildings here has been long abandoned."

Brownsville is another town to fall victim to tough economic times. As you walk the streets, once thriving businesses are empty shells.

Incredibly, Trent, walked right in to what was once a high security bank vault.

Everywhere one looks the place seems haunted. What was a once busy hospital, now the windows are boarded up.

A lot of what Trent witnessed in Brownsville is as if time has stood still.

The main street in Brownsville used to be was filled with parades and crowds, back when this was a thriving town thanks to coal mining.

One of the few places still open for business is Fiddles Confectionary. The sign hanging off the building is falling apart.

One customer Trent found in Fiddles grew up in Brownsville and comes to the resturant every day.

Trent asked, "What was this place like when you first started coming here?"

The customer said, "You couldn't walk the streets it was so crowded."

Images snapped by photographer Randy Fox tell the story of how Brownsville became a real life American ghost town.

Fox said, "It suffered the same fate as a lot of these other places. When the industrial center leaves, you've got to feed your family, you've got to move on."