Tonya Harding Opens Up About Her New Life

Tonya Harding sat down with INSIDE EDITION for an exclusive interview on her new outlook on life after becoming a mother.

Tonya Harding gave INSIDE EDITION an exclusive look at her adorable 15-month-old son Gordon.
"I couldn't imagine my world without him" said Tonya.
Tonya Harding's new life is in a remote area of Washington, nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. The area is best known for logging, fishing and hunting and it's a world away from her days as an Olympic figure skater.

It's a dramatic departure from the trash-talking bad girl we've known for two decades.

Gordon is Harding's first child, and like most new moms, she dotes on him, barely letting him out of her sight.

INSIDE EDITION asked, "What's it like being a mom? "  

Harding replied "I'm so protective. I baby him so much but I don't want him to be a wussy boy when he grows up."

But that's unlikely. He's already mowing the lawn with his dad.
We asked if she named her son after someone special in her life.

"Well, we named Gordon after my father," said Harding who choked up when she spoke about her father who died in 2009.

"My son has my dad's head. I was daddy's little girl. I loved my dad with all my heart and I miss him so much," said Harding.

She is still the only American woman to do a triple axel in competition. Will her son follow her on the ice?

"Skating is so political and I really don't want my son wearing tights, okay?" replied Tonya, laughing.

So, who's the guy who fell in love with the skating world's notorious bad girl and made her a mom? His name is Joe Price.  And you won't believe how he won her heart -- by singing "Run Around Sue."