Meet Levi Johnston's Future Mother-In-Law!

Only INSIDE EDITION was there to meet Levi Johnston's future mother-in-law, and Johnston says he's glad it's not Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin's arch enemy Levi Johnston toasts his new baby mama, and her mama.

"Mama, and my beautiful soon to be wife, to an amazing hunting trip this weekend and to our beautiful little girl Breeze," toasts Johnston at a restaurant in Alaska.

Only INSIDE EDITION was there as we met the future mother-in-law. Trina Cookson is a nurse's assistant in Wasilla, Alaska, Sarah Palin's hometown. Her 20-year-old daughter Sunny is having Johnston's out-of-wedlock baby.
"When your daughter said 'Mom I'm pregnant with Levi Johnston's baby,' what did you say?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret. 

"I said congratulations," said Trina.

"Wow you're an understanding mom," said Moret.

"We were talking about a shotgun wedding you know," replied Trina.

"You were?" asked Moret.

"Yes," she said.

Johnston says he's glad his future mother-in-law is Trina. He says she's much nicer and more understanding than mama grizzly, Sarah Palin.
"Were you nervous at all when you told her you guys were expecting a baby?" asked INSIDE EDITION.

"Yeah, I was nervous. But it went well and she took it a lot better than I thought and I didn't get beat up or anything," said Johnston.

So how did Trina react to the news that Johnston and Sunny are naming their little girl after, of all things, a Beretta gun?

"That's not too uncommon up here" laughed Trina.

Johnston and Sunny are already even planning to have another child, a boy. And you won't believe what they say they'll name him...Duke Benelli. That's Benelli, as in the Italian shotgun.

Despite Johnston's notorious history with the Palins and posing for Playgirl magazine, Cookson thinks he's a true gentleman. INSIDE EDITION saw him opening doors, pulling out chairs and treating his school teacher girlfriend like a princess—he even gave her flowers.
"He doesn't drink and in Wasilla that's hard to find, a responsible guy who is clean and sober," said Trina.
But the women agree, it's time Johnston made Sunny a bride.

"Has he asked for your permission?" asked Moret.

"No, not yet," replied Trina.

Moret asked, "Don't you think it's about time?"

"I think it is," said Trina.

Then Johnston asked, "Well can I marry your daughter?"

Trina replied, "My blessing. You have my blessing."

"Thank you," said Johnston.

"Was that legitmate?" Moret asked.

"That was legit," they both replied.
But will they really get married, shotgun or not?
Stay tuned...