Halle Berry Asks Obama For Help Against Paparazzi

After an expletive-filled meltdown at a photographer, Halle Berry is strongly considering moving to France with her daughter and asking for help against paparazzi from President Obama. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Halle Berry was so freaked out by an encounter with the paparazzi she's asking President Obama for help.

"Look, can you help us?," Berry was quoted as asking the President, "There are no laws here that protect our children," she continued.

Berry was picking up her daughter, Nahla, at school when a photographer apparently got a little too close.

Berry was caught screaming at photogs saying, "You're a piece of [expletive]!  You're a piece of [expletive]!"

Now, after that expletive-filled rant, Berry reportedly is so fed up she wants to move to France with her daughter, Nahla, and boyfriend Olivier Martinez.