Meet Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend

INSIDE EDITION caught up with reality TV star Jon Gosselin, who dropped out of sight after his public split from his ex-wife Kate. Today, the father of 8 has a new girlfriend with 3 kids of her own.

Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend is a striking blonde who bears an eerie resemblance to the one and only Kate Gosselin.

It's an unabashed public display of affection from Jon Gosselin, who has largely dropped out of sight since his messy 2009 divorce.

Now, Gosselin and his new girlfriend are speaking exclusively to INSIDE EDITION. She's not used to the attention that comes with dating a once famous reality TV star, jokingly telling INSIDE EDITION: "Oh, I love being on the spot!"

Here's what we know about Gosselin's new flame.

Her name is Liz Jannetta. She's a 27-year-old divorced mother of three who works with computers and lives outside Philadelphia.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked the couple, "Do you guys stroll around Philadelphia much?"

 "Yeah, right down center of the street, it's awesome!" Joked Gosselin.

Jon Gosselin, of course, has eight kids. So between them there are eleven little ones running around.

"Do the kids get along?" Alexander asked the pair.

"Yeah they do, they get along awesome," said Jannetta.

Alexander asked Jon Gosselin, "When did you know it was the right time for your 8 kids to meet Liz's 3 kids?"

"It just seemed right. It felt right. She's a very kind person," Gosselin replied.

And get this, Jannetta and Kate Gosselin have actually met face to face!

Alexander asked "Were you nervous about meeting Kate?"

"Meeting anybody's ex...what can you expect? She's been fine. Completelty fine," said Jannetta.

Jon Gosselin and Jannetta met at a restaurant four months ago and hit it off. Jannetta admits she did not know much about him.

She revealed to INSIDE EDITION, "I didn't watch the show. Anything I knew about Jon was from the tabloids. You know, womanizer Jon."

Jon Gosselin earned national scorn after rumors swirled that he cheated on Kate Gosselin with his nanny!

Alexander asked Jannetta, "Did you ask him about the cheating rumors?"

"Yes I did, a couple of times," she replied.

"Did you cheat?" Alexander asked Jon Gosselin.

"I never cheated on Kate, at all," he replied.

Now that he's no longer a reality star, 35-year-old Gosselin is also working in I.T.—just like his new girlfriend.

Alexander asked Gosselin, "How are you doing financially right now?"

"Im struggling, just like everyone else. I want more, just like everyone else. But I have to be more patient," Jon Gosselin revealed.

For now, Jon Gosselin and Jannetta are having fun getting to know each other.

With the days of Jon and Kate Plus Eight behind him now, we couldn't help wondering if a new reality show might be in the works—Jon and Liz Plus Eleven?

"No, no, no, no!" exclaimed Jannetta, when we asked her about the possibility.

And if they added another child to the mix, you'd have to call that show Cheaper By The Dozen!